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2017-09-30Han Run Group's Han Run logistics company in Guangzhou on September 8, 2016 grand opening!

Following the opening of Hanrun Group Korea Incheon Branch on August 18, 2016, Hanrun Group has good news! September 8 Hanrun Logistics Guangzhou Branch grand opening! Yes, Shenzhen Airlines Association, Shenzhen forward Union Logistics Chamber of Commerce and other brothers units, peers and other related leaders, friends have to Guangzhou branch to congratulate the opening of the big.

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2017-09-30Hanrong declaration line "opened a great deal!

Han Run Group's subsidiary, "Hanrun declaration line" in August 18th in Incheon, South Korea, the company address is located in Incheon customs office building is opposite, walk 5 minutes, in the South Korean customs clearance business is very convenient. The backbone of the customs business by the South Korean customs work by the senior civil service staff.

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2017-09-30Invite forward to the Union Logistics Chamber of Commerce Zhang total staff for our staff

To enrich the knowledge of employees, learning philosophy of life, invited by the company leader in Shenzhen City Federation of Logistics Chamber of Commerce, Peng Zhan Logistics General Manager Mr. Zhang Yong in person to teach our company.

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2017-09-30Shenzhen Han Run Logistics Co., Ltd. Yang will participate in the South China will be the logistics industry development and prospects of the seminar

April 14, 2015, Shenzhen Han Run Logistics Co., Ltd. Yang accompanied the forward Union Zhang Yong, vice president and Wang Guotao, vice president, visit the member units in transit, and with the transit manager of the General Manager Wu total friendly and friendly conversation.

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2017-09-302015 Shenzhen Han Run International Logistics Co., Ltd. "Han Yue Cup" basketball game successfully concluded

To enrich the staff and recreation life of the staff, give full play to the staff of the team spirit, and enhance the cohesion and pride of employees between enterprises. July 18, 2015, the company basketball game in Bao'an District Xixiang Sports Center. The group company departments to respond positively, have organized the company's team to participate in the competition; outside cheerleaders is enthusiastic, cheers, cries so that the atmosphere of the game has been heating up. All the athletes, referees, staff and the audience outstanding performance, the staff actively do a good job of logistics support, the referee fair and impartial, Han Run Logistics and Guangdong Hongyuan technology all the players really play the first friendship, the second spirit of the game , Out of the style, out of the game level.

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