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Export tax rebate - customer's greatest Gospel!    Date:2017-12-05

Hangrun logistics co., LTD., together with alibaba, handles export tax refund, export declaration, foreign exchange payment and non-export tax refund qualification, and is a tax refund expert by your side.
Main service project description:
1. Can accept foreign exchange from customers, pay RMB at home, and easily exchange foreign exchange (Korean and usd) without gap;
2. Quick refund time, the three working days can pay back the tax refund to the customer, solve the customer's capital turnover problem;
3. Tax refund amount: 17% of VAT (subject to invoice);
4. The tax refund shall be paid to the operator of either party (factory, trader, south Korean consignee);
5. Strong partners: alibaba has surpassed wal-mart as the world's largest retail platform.
6. Professional logistics transportation, providing free export declaration documents all the way.
For your enquiry, please contact:
Tax refund specialist: manager luo
Contact number: 13823508013
Tax refund QQ: 2355476364
Machine: 0755-29350911

Machine: 0755-29350911