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Hanrong declaration line "opened a great deal!    Date:2017-09-30

  Han Run Group's subsidiary, "Hanrun declaration line" in August 18th in Incheon, South Korea, the company address is located in Incheon customs office building is opposite, walk 5 minutes, in the South Korean customs clearance business is very convenient. The backbone of the customs business by the South Korean customs work by the senior civil service staff.
  Branch of the opening day held a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony, Incheon customs leadership, Han Run Group and Han Run Logistics South Korea branch leadership, Han Run logistics customers, friends and family and so on more than 100 guests sent all kinds of flower baskets and congratulated the opening ceremony The
  Hanrun declaration line is Hanrun Group in South Korea set up a second branch, is Hanrun Group 2016 in South Korea's important strategic layout, marking the Han Run logistics to enter the logistics, customs one-stop new era, for customers with To more convenient, fast, safe and efficient new experience in South Korea green logistics.