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Korean air reflights between China and South Korea    Date:2017-12-05

As South Korea respiratory syndrome in the Middle East (MERS) outbreak is over, a few days ago, Korean air recovery by MERS suspended announced it had all of the flights, routes to China and South Korea all return to normal operations, operating 293 classes per week, the capacity is increased by 1% compared with the same period last year before the main course attendance has gradually restored to the plague.
According to Korean air minister CAI zhongxun, the number of individual south Korean Tours has been gradually restored since late July, and the demand for group tourism has also continued to increase, and the rate of appointment is expected to resume at the end of August. Among them, in addition to this year's new guiyang to jeju, nanning to Seoul, hefei to Seoul, shenyang to daegu scheduled flights, also opened several charter flights, such as yenji - - Seoul, daegu, mudanjiang, qingzhou, sanya Hohhot - qingzhou, yiwu, Seoul, fully meet the needs of Chinese tourists to diversify. Currently, Korean air operates 36 passenger routes in China, covering 26 cities, and is one of the more foreign airlines in China's general aviation city.
In terms of product services, Korean air upgraded its first class cabin and launched a new "business class suite". The company is also at the Paris air show in June, ordered order 102 new passenger aircraft, including Boeing 737 Max 50-8 (30 order confirmation, 20 optional order) and two Boeing 777-300 - er aircraft; An additional 50 airbus A321neo aircraft (30 confirmed orders, 20 optional). The order, which totals more than $12 billion, is the largest in Korean air history to date. The order will be delivered between 2019 and 2025. The new airliner will gradually replace Korean air's existing Boeing 737, to meet the growing demand.
Main operating at the same time, Korean air hub - phase three, incheon airport expansion project is like fire like tea, the no. 2 of the construction of the main terminal is expected to be completed in 2017, will be the special terminal of Korean air. The terminal 2 is expected to add 18 million passengers.
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