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2017-12-05China and South Korea fta agreement signing cosmetics port and other concept shares could benefit

The china-rok fta will be signed on June 1 and is expected to come into effect by the end of this year, according to CCTV business report. After the china-rok fta came into force, more than 90% of products from both sides entered the zero-tariff era after the transition period.

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2017-12-05Export tax rebate - customer's greatest Gospel!

Hangrun logistics co., LTD., together with alibaba, handles export tax refund, export declaration, foreign exchange payment and non-export tax refund qualification, and is a tax refund expert by your side.

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2017-12-05Korean air reflights between China and South Korea

As South Korea respiratory syndrome in the Middle East (MERS) outbreak is over, a few days ago, Korean air recovery by MERS suspended announced it had all of the flights, routes to China and South Korea all return to normal operations, operating 293 classes per week, the capacity is increased by 1% compared with the same period last year before the main course attendance has gradually restored to the plague.

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2017-09-30Han Run Group's Han Run logistics company in Guangzhou on September 8, 2016 grand opening!

Following the opening of Hanrun Group Korea Incheon Branch on August 18, 2016, Hanrun Group has good news! September 8 Hanrun Logistics Guangzhou Branch grand opening! Yes, Shenzhen Airlines Association, Shenzhen forward Union Logistics Chamber of Commerce and other brothers units, peers and other related leaders, friends have to Guangzhou branch to congratulate the opening of the big.

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2017-09-30Hanrong declaration line "opened a great deal!

Han Run Group's subsidiary, "Hanrun declaration line" in August 18th in Incheon, South Korea, the company address is located in Incheon customs office building is opposite, walk 5 minutes, in the South Korean customs clearance business is very convenient. The backbone of the customs business by the South Korean customs work by the senior civil service staff.

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2017-09-30Invite forward to the Union Logistics Chamber of Commerce Zhang total staff for our staff

To enrich the knowledge of employees, learning philosophy of life, invited by the company leader in Shenzhen City Federation of Logistics Chamber of Commerce, Peng Zhan Logistics General Manager Mr. Zhang Yong in person to teach our company.

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