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  CEO's speech in 2014: Entering the 21st century logistics industry experienced a breathtaking roller coaster ride. But through the joint efforts of all the colleagues of the company, we have passed the opportunity and risk in 2013 and finally got a better 2014. We are ambitious in the face of tough market challenges. Our company is also growing and growing in the ups and downs of the logistics industry. In the past year, qualitative changes have taken place in our enterprise, we not only completed the objectives set in early, the management system has been perfect, our management level on a new step. Our focus is to focus on the growth of employees and the construction of the team, and to attract a lot of fresh blood to the society, and gradually expand our team. In terms of software, we have stepped up the talent training strategy and sent many people to learn knowledge and project management experience, so that we have made great progress in our service. Market demand is escalating, and we are upgrading our demands. Our staff also had great progress, obtained the very good hang down, in the mind of the individual consciousness and comprehensive quality has improved, and gradually penetrate the understanding of company management idea, prompting the formation and development of the corporate culture. Our work efficiency has also been improved. These have laid a solid foundation for the late development of the company. To be a business and a human being, you need to be awake and growing in the face and fall. We will always have room for improvement, and there are still some deficiencies in the actual work. In the New Year, we need to strengthen the team building and truly build a distinctive team of elites. Strengthening the system construction, the emphasis is on the perfection of the performance appraisal mechanism. Our aim is to fully mobilize employees' subjective initiative, to help employees to complete their growth plans, and to work with enterprises to create a platform for their career, and to harvest fruitful fruits together. Service is the vitality of the enterprise, and the service of product demand is tomorrow's decisive battle field. Therefore, at any time, we must do good service quality, must not relax. It is customer-oriented and customer-oriented. Our service level is well done, and execution must be consistent throughout. Otherwise, we will have no place in the near future. Company after several years of growth and development, to see us all the way to the healthy growth of the, see our gratifying achievements, our confidence, encouraged by our development goals more clear, is how to form our Han Run own service brand, make it become the industry leader, this will be our a higher goal. I believe that through the joint efforts of all staff, we our enterprise will be able to overcome difficulties, fundamentally formed our unique business model, our core competitiveness will be more outstanding, our core team will be more and more energetic! Believe that everyone in this big collective, to find his place as soon as possible, believe in the company to provide you the platform is a vibrant, we will continue to stick to our enterprise spirit: unity, innovation, pragmatic, integrity. To carry out our service concept: people-oriented and service oriented, we strive for the largest and most professional logistics enterprise in shenzhen. Finally, I wish our staff and our customers a happy and lucky life in 2014! I wish your family a happy life and a happy family! And in the New Year to create a new high, live more exciting!

  • FOCUS ON Choose Han Run, is to choose a convenient, fast, efficient and affordable.
  • CONCENTRATE Choose Han Run, is to choose a convenient, fast, efficient and affordable.
  • RELIABLE Choose Han Run, is to choose a convenient, fast, efficient and affordable.
  • CREDIBLE Choose Han Run, is to choose a convenient, fast, efficient and affordable.
  • Extreme
    All in order to allow customers to profit at the core. Ultimate execution. Mechanism design aesthetic.
  • Innovation
    Maintain independent thinking, curiosity, the obligation to say a different point of view. Embrace change and embrace diversity.
  • Altruism
    Standing at each other's point of view, use communication to resolve differences.
  • pragmatic
    Look at the credit does not look at labor, all results-oriented