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  Knowledge changes fate, education rejuvenates the nation. University students are the precious resources of the nation, the hope of the nation and the future of the motherland Many college students who are unable to complete their studies because of poverty. The root cause of poverty reversal is the change in ideology, from the beginning of children to help the good children to help the nation To come. The aid to college students will also send a message to children that they can go to college as long as they can, and encourage them to become self-reliant and self-reliant people Go to! In July 2011, shenzhen charity fund launched the "love fund inheritance" project of poor college students. Shenzhen han run international freight forwarding co., LTD., in response to the call of charity, actively participated in the "yi sea alliance". Good inheritance "liangshan education aid project, the education aid program guide directly by the ministry of civil affairs, fund joint education foundation co-sponsored liangshan prefecture, is the national public welfare charity organization jointly sponsored the first national fixed-point poverty alleviation and the joint action of charity -" good liangshan "the first batch of projects, is currently the single grants the liangshan The high, most distinctive, and sustainable education assistance charity program, the "integrity" and "responsibility" spirit advocated by it, is not related to the revolutionary great love spirit of the long tradition of liangshan The same. In liangshan state, there are more than two hundred and twenty poor students every year. The demand for good money is more than 50, 000, 000 / years, and there is a long way to go. "An alliance of the yi sea? Shanshan love student project is playing a positive role in the local education career, the blood and delivery of talented people in the new era. 2011 shen-mei directly donate liangshan prefecture poor college students, expanding and will continue to work with shenzhen charity work together each year by the number of children and the implementation of the region, from yi expansion of Tibetan and other ethnic minority poverty areas. Ethnic help, from education.

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    Maintain independent thinking, curiosity, the obligation to say a different point of view. Embrace change and embrace diversity.
  • Altruism
    Standing at each other's point of view, use communication to resolve differences.
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    Look at the credit does not look at labor, all results-oriented