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The tax package imports

Sole agent in South Korea the tax package import business, our company has branch in South Korea's incheon airport, with unique geographical advantages, concise customs clearance formalities, can satisfy the demands of goods increases with the increasing to fly aging, for imported goods sent to China, to provide door-to-door delivery service, South Korea, and the economy of the tax package imports, aging fast, cheap, diversification of service content, delivery process convenient and better, the one-stop import service, the domestic import when international shipping operations, there are three types of tax package import options: Option (1) - air freight transit to door: aged 3 to 4 days, for large cargo, heavy cargo, choose air freight transit is the most effective way to reduce the freight, we through partnerships with Shanghai airport, Beijing airport transit point, implement different ground clearance, to provide diversified services to a great extent, thus reducing the customer's logistics costs, to save trade costs, maximize interests. Choice (2), multimodal transport package tax: aging 4-5 days, suitable for big volume and light weight of the goods, as is known to all, all airline pricing standard, has always been to take so much computing freight volume and the weight ratio of, and a relatively high import tariff and bulky goods very not worthwhile, for such goods, we introduced the low import freight service. Choose 3 - shipping import service: aging 1 week or so, through cross-border Hong Kong liner, realize express through-train import all the way, so that you enjoy the goods which Courier service at the same time, and enjoy the shipping price, why not do it. At present, the import of Hong Kong is still the main channel, with low value of goods, large amount of goods, and no special requirements for customers We launched economy logistics tenet: for the general business friends with South Korea to provide more, better and more convenient service, and your success is our success, we will, as always, stand on the way of developing South Korea imported logistics, trade with you more walk more far.

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