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This invention to Official statistics: official statistics show that the average time of the four major express delivery to South Korea is 2.4 days, while our company's express delivery to South Korea is only 24 hours, so we can see that our south Korean special time is unmatched.

  The express line is a fine line of hanun logistics:
  The whole time: one day, from China to South Korea delivery delivery, door to door 24 hours to complete the delivery, according to customer demand expedited delivery, to warehouse delivery;
  Shenzhen Airport take off: three daily passenger aircraft, a group of cargo aircraft, express mail declaration, 6 pm every night to pay the next morning to complete the customs clearance delivery, the current timeliness has more than all courier companies,
  Hong Kong Airport take off: eight passengers a day cargo aircraft, three cargo aircraft, 6 pm every night to pay a single, arrived in Hong Kong airport every night arrived at the airport in Hong Kong take off the next morning to complete the clearance delivery, the main advantages: Including pure battery and battery-containing products and other mainland limited products.
  Express clearance services: non-stop early morning flight time of about 4 hours, 6 am to South Korea Incheon Airport within 3 hours after the end of customs clearance services, about 12 o'clock that day can be delivered to Seoul streets.
  Position security: Division I and the major airlines signed a long-term cooperation agreement, not only to ensure that the position of the goods in the process of loading by the Division I supervision, with access to customs air transport warehouse permits, to prevent personal losses caused by goods, The phenomenon of loss.
  Geographical advantages: I was the first stationed in the Korean logistics market, one of the Express companies, and in Seoul, Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport, the staff of the Korean nationality are mainly on the South Korean customs and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea transport operations Proficient,
  Security: through long-term cooperation with the Pacific Insurance Company, low premium, so as to maximize the protection of the interests of customers, escort for your goods.
  Remote extension: South Korea's Gyeongsangnam-do, Jeollanam-do and Jeju Island and other remote areas, our services are also the same quality and fast, South Korea's domestic express delivery of goods can reach the district towns, and the whole territory of 4 hours truck delivery service , Flexible operation, with the faction.
  Official statistics: with official data statistics, the international four courier to Korea, the average aging time of 2.4 days, and our courier to South Korea only 24 hours, we can see the Division of South Korea line unparalleled.

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